Andrew. H
Central Alberta has been the place that I have called home for many years. I have a wonderful family who raised me to be who I am today and who I cherish connecting and doing life with. As well as, my love McKenna who has caught most of my time and attention these past few years. I believe that respect and love for those I interact with is most important, by listening and caring with my words and actions as best as I can.

Giving my best to Pop-A-Lot is incredibly valuable to me. Being my first business, it has brought me more experience than I anticipated and loads of joy by serving those around me with quality and tasty food! Considering popcorn is one of my favourite snacks, this food truck is perfectly suited for me. The continuous joy I feel from popping for others still surprises me.

People, have always been one of the things I enjoy most about life; to enjoy experiences together, having meaningful conversations, while giving of stories and living them out. There’s nothing better to me then doing life with those you love and care for. As far as experience, I spent most of my life being taught by my mother and then later attending a few of Red Deers high schools. I have experience in landscaping and electrical. I also have training in popcorn and lemonade, which is pretty hard to get good training in if I’m quite honest… unless your trained by Glen and Deb Raeburn (previous owners). Glen once told us “People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” This is something McKenna and I are wanting to continue at Pop A Lot in order to show that we care for our central Alberta. By selling popcorn and lemonade, but by also giving an extra minute of ourselves however we can to those around us. Come by and say hi, and if the line up isn’t too big we would love to meet you and chat!)


McKenna. C
I believe that being Alberta born and raised is such a pleasure. Such beautiful landscapes and beautiful people. Growing up in Red Deer, Alberta has always been a journey for me, as my family has moved a lot. We’ve experienced many different homes, but all of them felt perfectly homey simply because I was with my family. My family is a huge reason for my work ethic and love for people. Owning a popcorn food truck was something I never saw myself doing, yet once the opportunity was presented and progressed, I couldn’t of imagined myself doing anything better. I love our business and the joy that it brings us to serve others quality food and drinks. We love meeting new people and love having those minute longer conversations. We are here to give amazing, local food, but not only that; we want to share real love and joy to those who come to buy from us. We want to see smiles beaming and hearts leaving full.

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