Pop-a-Lot Kettle Corn & Lemon Shakers

Popcorn Makers Smile Makers

Pop-A-Lot has been up and running for the past 5 years. It is locally owned by Andrew and McKenna, which recently have become the new owners of this fun and lively food truck! They are wanting to continue to bring the joy, laughter, and quality food to their central Alberta friends year long! Pop-a-lot is not only a business to Andrew and McKenna, but a means of connecting with people. They sell hand popped kettle corn in a variety of specialty flavours, as well as delicious and refreshing lemon shakers. This food truck caters to many central Alberta markets and events throughout the warm seasons.


Locally sourced
Popcorn that is to die for
Customers always come first
Amazing lemon shakers
Great quality and even better prices
Variety of flavours